Up until fairly recently, traditional analogue telephones were the only option for businesses, however with technology developing and the way we are working is changing, virtual phone systems are now a popular option. With a virtual phone system, such as VoIP, many businesses are now using the internet to make phone calls because it is flexible and more cost effective.

Why choose a traditional phone system?

The main advantage of traditional phone systems is that they don’t require an internet connection making them more suited to businesses that are rurally located or those with a slow or weak internet connection.  

Why choose a VoIP phone system?

 For most businesses who have a stable internet connection, a VoIP phone system is a great option as it enables employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world as if they were at the office. Internet phones are also easily scalable, meaning that new employees and extensions can be set up in minutes. This makes them ideal for rapidly growing businesses and new companies who want to avoid a large initial outlay.


Here are the main advantages and disadvantages:

Traditional Phone Systems Internet Phone Systems
No internet connection required Stable internet required
Guaranteed voice quality Very flexible- use your phone anywhere
Dependable No physical hardware needed
Broadband usually included Lower costs
Larger initial outlay to set up 30 day rolling contracts
  Quicker set up
  Manage extensions easily