Need an additional phone number? That’s not a problem with a Keen VoIP phone. Have you considered the benefits of having an additional phone number for an area of your business? Perhaps you just need a temporary phone number for a short period of time or during a specific promotion?

Traditional landline phone vs internet phone systems

In some situations having an additional telephone number can be incredibly useful. When it comes to traditional phone systems vs virtual phone systems, there is no contest as to which is better when it comes to adding additional phone numbers. VoIP phones are much cheaper and easier when it comes to adding or removing additional telephone numbers.  For example, a new number can be added to your account in less than 5 minutes, compared to installing an additional phone line on a traditional system, which can take up to 10 working days!

Cost of setting up an additional number 

Another consideration is the cost of setting up an additional phone number on your phone system. Keen VoIP doesn’t charge an installation fee for setting up a new number and our monthly cost per line is just £2.00 per month. In comparison, the UK biggest phone provider, BT charge £140 to install a new telephone line and an additional £18.99 per month line rental. If you only require an additional number for a limited period of time, you can see that a digital system is always going to be more cost-effective.

How to set up a temporary number

Adding a new phone number to your Keen VoIP phone is so easy; simply log into your dashboard and add a new number to your account within minutes. You can even choose to set up extensions and add the features you want.  For more information about how a KeenVoIP phone can benefit your business or organisation call us on 01276 30100.