Call charges

Our telephone call charges

Landline Call Charges UK

UK Landline Pence per minute (ex VAT)
Landline 01, 02, 03 1p
0800 Free
084x, 087x, 09x 2.5p**

** Calls to service numbers starting 084, 087 & 09 consist of an Access Charge (above), plus a Service Charge set by the company you call. Visit for details.

Mobile Call Charges UK

UK Landline Pence per minute (ex VAT)
Orange 9p
O2 9p
T Mobile 9p
Vodafone 9p
EE 9p
Three 9p
Others 20p

All you need is broadband and in three easy steps you’re calling!

  1. Choose a business number or keep your existing number
  2. Add employee extension numbers
  3. Set up call handling features

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International landline call charges

Country Pence per minute (ex VAT)
Argentina 2.88p
Austria 2.40p
Australia 2.88p
Belgium 1.84p
Brazil 2.60p
China 2.33p
Croatia 5.73p
Cyprus 2.51p
Denmark 2.04p
France 1.38p
Germany 1.56p
Greece 2.42p
India 2.00p*
Ireland 1.30p
Italy 1.30p
Jamaica 12.00p
Japan 4.00p
Korea (S) 4.64p
Netherlands 2.42p
Mexico 1.30p
New Zealand 3.20p
Norway 1.30p
Pakistan 12.80p
Poland 2.56p
Portugal 1.30p
Russia 1.50p*
South Africa 4.50p
Spain 1.30p
Sweden 1.30p
Switzerland 1.90p
Turkey 4.80p
USA 1.30p

* Some destinations may vary, please check with us if in doubt.

If you don't see the destination you are looking for simply contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Additional information:

  1. Charges for directory enquiry services vary depending on service provider.
  2. All prices exclude VAT.

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